As an important ministry of Bible Baptist Church, our mission is to assist the home and church in teaching students the Word of God and the skills and knowledge necessary to live a productive Christian life. (2 Tim. 3:16-17).





Grades Served K3 - 12
Average K-12 Class Size 12
Number of K-12 Faculty 26
Average Years Teaching Experience 12
Percent of K- 12 Faculty with Graduate Degree 35


Administrative Team

Head of School: Trent Thorell

Preschool Director: Rose Ann Norwood

Office Manager: Davida Black


HCA enrolls students from Sumner, Davidson, Wilson, and Robertson Counties. Over seventy different churches are represented in the student body. Over 90% of students enrolled in preschool through high school are active in their respective church congregation. Enrollment at HCA is open to all qualified applicants that desire a Christian education. Students are considered for enrollment even though they may struggle academically. HCA has been very successful in identifying academic needs and giving struggling students the skills necessary to succeed. Academically gifted students are challenged to reach their full potential.

The truth of the Scriptures is the foundation of our curriculum.  Hendersonville Christian Academy has developed a scope and sequence that is used for all students from preschool through high school.  Goals and objectives have been constructed for each subject and grade.  Textbooks are carefully selected to be used as tools by teachers to not only teach subject matter, but to integrate Bible truth.  Most of our adopted textbooks are from Christian publishers.  When a Christian text is not available, materials are carefully screened and chosen that will not undermine Christian principles.  Curriculum is reviewed and updated regularly to provide our faculty with tools that will prepare students to live productive Christian lives.