Congratulations to each student and group listed below for placing in the TACS State Fine Arts Competition. TACS represents forty-five Christian schools across the state. Placing at the state level shows a lot of hard work on the part of the students and their faculty leaders.


Elementary (Grades 4, 5, and 6)

First Place

Large Vocal Ensemble                                                            Orchestra/Band

Choral Group                                                                          Sophie Dorris – Charcoal Drawing

Samuel Cook – Color Pencil Drawing                                     Janette Wilbanks – Textiles

Zach Johnson - Woodworking

Sophie Dorris & Ashlee Kate Welbern- Sacred Piano Duet

Second Place

Luke Cole – Male Vocal Solo                                                Gianina Turc – Color Pencil Drawing

Third Place

Elijah DiMarco – Male Vocal Solo                                          Rachael Wilkerson – Sacred Piano Solo

Elementary Small Vocal Ensemble                                        Youth Choir


Junior High (Grades 7, 8, and 9)

First Place

Large Vocal Ensemble

Second Place

Small Vocal Ensemble                                                            Youth Choir

Third Place

Sean Owens – Instrumental Brass Solo                                  Norah Grace Dorris – Mixed Media


Senior High (Grades 10, 11, and 12)

First Place

Hannah Stutler – Bible Teaching                                            Jonathan Cooper - Preaching: Expository

Jonathan Cooper* – Preaching: Expository                            Jianqi “Tony” Yu* – Classical Piano Solo

Jianqi Yu & Anna Pinson* – Classical Piano Duet                  Choral Group*

Elisabeth Jackson* – Instrumental Woodwind Solo                Orchestra/Band

Large Vocal Ensemble*                                                          Hannah Stutler *– Still Life Photography

Hannah Stutler – Mathematics


Second Place

Ken Stutler – Preaching: Expository                                      Anna Pinson – Sacred Piano Solo

Lily Marlin – Acrylic Painting                                                  Faith Miller – Calligraphy

Lily Marlin – Ink Drawing


Third Place

Small Vocal Ensemble                                                            Andrew Winkler – People and Animal Photo


*Indicates advancing to the American Association of Christian Schools National Competition.